Hey girl, looking for that next unique piece for your accessories collection? Well, you’re in the right place, darling.

The Sauvage 86 woman conquers her dreams against all odds. All the while, she is graceful. She expresses her sense of style boldly and treats herself to online shopping because she deserves it. If this sounds like you, girl, I got you.

Our mission is to empower women to conquer their style dreams no matter the circumstances. We will always seek out the best, exclusive accessories priced affordably for the savage fashionista. With fashion handbags, sunglasses and jewelry, the Sauvage 86 woman will always be the étoile de la salle.


I was only three weeks away from graduation when the unthinkable happened.
Girl, when I tell you I was upset! Building a fashion boutique was nowhere in sight in 2004, but I had other dreams. I was attending the Fashion Institute of Technology for Accessories Design, looking forward to continuing studies in Italy after graduation. As it turns out, life had its own plans. I became sick, and no, not with a cold or a stomach bug—SICK sick. God gave me the strength to push through to graduation and earn my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Accessories Design and Fabrications.


Between 2009-2010, I continued to work at FIT as a lab tech, while subsequently completing my internship at BE&D in New York and working at a high-end shoe boutique not too far from my home in Connecticut. (Yes, girl, I had all those jobs.) I was so focused on going back to school for my Master’s in Footwear Design in hopes of having my own brand and boutique one day, traveling between the two states daily didn’t matter to me. After four years of my condition worsening, I pushed through the concrete to finally get back into the workforce, doing visuals for West Elm. I was getting into the groove of adulting when my health issues struck again. Ugh. I had to leave my job. Can we say DEVASTATED? It’s all good, though.


I learned when life leaves you jobless, create your own. My husband and I were blessed to welcome a baby girl in 2016, and the boss mom “bug” eventually bit me. I envisioned having one of the best online accessory boutiques around. My health held me back for a bit, but I knew I had to give my dream a shot.
It would have tormented me if I, didn’t try. I took the leap of faith, and here we are.
Sauvage 86 was inspired by the tenacity to overcome hard times and find a way out of no way. The French word "sauvage" captures all of the culture-oozing Haitian roots that make me the woman I am—savage, fierce, free yet feminine. The brand embodies all of this.

Get your coins together now because the addiction will be real.
Sauvage 86 will always provide high-quality, unique products for prices you will love. Inventory is updated frequently with the latest fashion in accessories to give you head-turning style. We want to be your #1 destination for women’s online accessories.

That is my commitment to you.